Before any Chapter may use a Daisy Inflatable Range, one member of the Chapter must attest that they have read and will adhere to the stipulations of this certification


I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I am the primary contact for the Chapter borrowing this inflatable range. I attest that:

  • I am 21 years of age or older
  • I have watched the instructional video hosted online at or watched the video on DVD.
  • I am familiar with loading and shooting the BB guns provided with this range.
  • I will use only the youth BB guns provided with this range and only shoot BBs in the range.
  • I will provide full-time, one-on-one supervision to every person who shoots in the range and to always keep the muzzle of the guns in use pointed downrange through the slit in the shooting area.
  • I will guard against anyone entering the range while it is being used
  • I will secure and remove all guns at any time the range is unattended
  • I will make no alterations to the range, to protect and care for it and to return it in the condition in which I received it.
  • I will set a good example, not engage in any behavior or say anything that would reflect poorly on Daisy or NWTF or that would be inappropriate in the presence of young people.
  • I will complete the registration form that is in the binder manual in the trailer
  • I will complete the restocking order form that is in the binder manual in the trailer
  • I will have the sign in sheets for each young person to sign prior to entering the inflatable range
  • I will be responsible to send the appropriate forms to Edgefield, SC upon completion of our scheduled event
  • I will not keep the trailer longer than two weeks, during that time, I will return the trailer and inflatable range to Russ Wagner.
  • I will report any damage or repairs that are needed at time of return.

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