Summer Turkey Talk 2019


Hoping your spring rang loud with gobbles and unforgettable memories!

Mine has been filled with the later but not much time to hunt has kept the gobble count low for me. As much as I wish I were telling you about an amazing spring hunt I personally had.  The highlights of my spring have glowed through the passion of YOU!!  Yes, you our members and your sharing and caring about our “Hunting Heritage”  a heritage I am thankful  to see being shared with both young and old. 

   Sometimes sharing this heritage is done without even knowing or in the darkest of times it brightens a room with love and laughter.  Just weeks before our spring season in my home county we lost a great man and amazing turkey hunter.  While paying my respects to the family it was obvious this man had single handedly created a church full of heritage as friends and family spoke of the passion he had for baseball and turkey hunting.  I grew up in the same area as this man and his family so I knew them well and had personally witnessed his passions but never knew their effects until that day.  I could give many examples from the day but likely the one that spoke volumes within those humble walls was a statement by one of his three sons that said: Dad taught me a lot, a lot about a lot but most of all he recently taught me how to love.  

    Another time this spring I witnessed a passion for the outdoors and the heritage it creates was on a hunt with some friends for the PA youth opening day.  With a dozen youth and their mentors hunting hard in multiple counties that day half those youth were able to fill a tag.  As we were all together for pictures after the hunt it was a great friend of mine that asked these youth to tell him about their day as he videoed their answers and their turkey or lack of.  One young man whom was his first year hunting said he had seen a nice gobbler, even named him as he was waiting for him to come in but when someone walked in on them and spooked him it was all still fun as he had a great time with his Pap and they will get one next year! 

     The most recent example I would like to share before wrapping this up was just a few evenings ago at the Cameron County Longbeards  banquet .  Being there to present the PA NWTF state scholarship was in itself a huge highlight. Cassie Frey the recipient and her  family were very appreciative.  This is the second year since becoming PA NWTF President that I have traveled to make this presentation and again it was undeniably amazing to see the effort some of our youth are putting into preparing to carry the torch forward.  Our state scholarship committee has a tough job going through the submissions and making a decision from many deserving young adults.  I would like to Thank You for your dedication to this program! Reading this year’s winners application and learning the details behind it was very enlightening.  Having read of all the things Cassie was involved with, as many other applicants had listed as well.  I was impressed that most of the events listed she was not a participant but rather a helper to educate other youth. I have no doubt we will see this young lady as a leader at that chapter in the future!

     In wrapping up I would like to thank the editor for holding out so I could include the scholarship presentation in this issue.  I would like to again offer my condolences to the Ernest family and say “you’re not going to believe this one but…“!   And to my great friends that allow me to share in the youth hunts, Thank you and keep it going!  Cassie, best wishes and good luck at college!

As I can assure the greater amount of you reading this article do not know any of these people as they are not celebrities, on X-box, YouTube or sponsored by some big manufacturer. They are not on TV or in a national magazine but they are in fact the “Grassroots” of our organization, the part of our organization that keeps the grass green and growing! Please remember every one of you are the most important member and as a team we will continue to succeed!


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