Spring Turkey Talk 2019


Welcome Spring!! hopefully as this article makes its way to your home it has spring weather and loud gobbles in tow?   Those gobbles of which are most of our favorite spring sound are a great example of the message I hope to convey in this article.  Think about the gobbles and the sounds related to them, I will wrap up with those thoughts.

    Attending my first NWTF national convention this year was a great experience and wealth of knowledge all glued together with fun and new friends as well.  As a great friend texted me on my drive to Nashville said, “Have a great time and hopefully by the end of convention you will know why you do all you do?”  He was exactly right and why I will always value his words of wisdom!  Thanks Buddy!  Pennsylvania was well represented in all aspects of the convention, from our very talented artists and custom call makers in the expo hall and competitions to the great sounding callers of all ages in the Grand National Championships all surrounded by dedicated volunteers.

   As a state chapter we did great as well receiving an award for our efforts in our mission focus for the highest increase in hunters created in the Save the Hunt category.  We also received the L.A. Dixon memorial outstanding chapter award for having the highest adult membership, this is four years in a row and other states are gunning for us!  Your help in securing new adult members is crucial to us retaining our top seat, please continue to share our mission and grow our ranks as we continue to lead the nation at preserving our hunting heritage! Pictures of your awards are attached with this article. I was very honored to accept these awards on your behalf.  Thank you for that amazing experience and honor!

   The other aspect of the national convention not realized by most are all the training classes and meetings for chapter leaders and members to attend with staff and guest speakers as well as focal point experts.  Some are by invitation only and others are even open to the general public attending the convention, I could likely fill this edition of Turkey Talk with stories and information from this aspect of convention.  Since I’m not a talented writer I will stick to summing it up with one word COMMUNICATION!  Yes, as you have heard me mention before I believe to be the key to all things successful.  Both good and bad is always needed to make advances in anything positive.  Better communication will help us pursue our mission.  One example and highlight was a meeting of all the collegiate chapters in attendance.  Our motivated members from Penn State University were among the attendees and were very engaged and had great ideas and comments.  Some of these are faults on our part as adult members and mentors that we don’t make our information or resources easier to find. Answers to questions they and other members may have to help tell our story or provide guidance to help with events that will be instrumental in growing members in our younger adults where we know we have a generation gap.  I personally pledge to change this within our state chapter and is also a subject of future working groups at the national level of which I was personally asked to be involved. THANK YOU to our Spur Collectors chapter at PSU for your valued input!

    Also, this year the first ever class of members were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Pennsylvania again showed its deep roots in the NWTF with two of five inductees being from PA! Rob Keck and Terry Rohm both formerly of PA.  Their heartfelt messages of their roots in PA and all those from PA whom were instrumental in their humble beginnings were amazing proof that PA is the home of the most passionate NWTF roots!  I also included a picture with Terry Rohm whom I shared a table at dinner one evening.  The list going forward will be loaded with many, many more well-deserved Pennsylvanians to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

   As mentioned earlier about the “Gobble “and “Communication” this is where I think it is obvious of their relationship?  Think about all the things mentioned in this article and what they have in common?  All are examples of communication creating passion and a desire for more!  But the “Gobble”? You ask?   Well think of spring gobbler season and how it would be if we couldn’t communicate with the turkeys or vice versa or even amongst themselves?  Can’t even imagine that challenge, as huge as that would be so is the fact if we don’t communicate the mission and passion of the NWTF and our hunting heritage!

  I will close in saying you ALL are the PA state chapter and these awards, dedicated roots and passionate forth comings are ALL yours to be proud of and continue to pass on!


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