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Winter Turkey Talk 2018

PA NWTF Members,

Happy belated Holidays !  As the Holidays fall between our issues I am hopeful you all had a safe and memorable hunting season and happy holidays with your friends and family !

As I spoke about in my last message was a great time of year to take the chance to introduce someone new to the outdoors. And a perfect opportunity to get that friend or family member that has quit hunting back out with you as a reintroduction to wonderful memories afield.  On a recent hunt in Ohio for whitetails and some turkey if the buck cooperated early enough in our ten days there. I was lucky enough to witness the waking each morning of a few large flocks of birds and I will quote my dad in saying : “ Anyone who never heard a morning like that sure is missing nature at its best “  Was a great concert each morning and to realize how they chose their roost based on the weather .  Of course having rain nine out of ten days there they were in the same heavily foliage trees most days. Even though the bucks didn’t work out for all of us the trip with family and friends was a great memory. Memories that those not getting to experience the outdoors are missing out on, from the wake up of the first birds as the shadows transfer from the moon to the sun to the changing of foliage and hoots of the owls as nightfall switches the shadows again. Nature and the management of it is an amazing thing to witness.

By the time you are reading this issue the PA NWTF will be reviewing habitat projects submitted for funding by your local chapters and ranking them based on their score. This is a tough time for the habitat committee and our regional biologist as we all want to put as much habitat improvement on the ground as our budget allows. Typically we have more requests than our budget allows this makes a scoring system based on factors that create the most desirable habitat bang for our buck a necessity.  Looking into joining forces between chapters as well as our partners weather government or not is also a huge benefit for the diverse habitat our states resources need for survival and reproduction.   Your help in supporting your local chapter’s banquets and special events helps create more dollars to put on the ground in the Keystone state.  

Please enjoy your winter months as we yearn for spring and the gobble of a mature tom welcoming another wonderful day in God’s great outdoor creation.

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