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September 2018 Presidents Message

 Fellow Members,

I hope this issues message finds you all doing well and enjoying the fall splendor of colors as well as time afield with family and friends. At the time I am writing this message it is Labor day weekend and the sweltering heat is absolutely crazy !

I find myself looking ahead to the upcoming cooler weather in anticipation of my favorite season , Hunting Season ! In that same thought I am reminded of the “ Good Ole Days” as I hear them called. Back when I was a kid I lived in a village located at the base of the Conococheague mountain called Kistler. From there you could see where the main road crossed the top of the mountain and that area was full of hunting cabins that sat empty most of the summer , they started getting active in the fall . It looked like a small town appeared on the mountain as night fell during hunting season with all their lights on. Now most of them have become year round residence as next generations didn’t hunt so they were sold and converted to homes. Many of you can relate or tell similar stories as it is no secret hunting and fishing has seen a large decline over the last few decades.

Those of you who are reading this have likely withstood the storm and like most are trying to help change that trend. Personally I am surprised our hunting heritage has taken this downward swing so fast when I think back to the past mentioned earlier. Brings about many questions of what happened and why ? I wish I knew the exact answers but I think is more important that we look at what we as concerned outdoorsmen and women can do to change this trend.

I believe those of us with the ability to introduce others to the outdoors need to do all we can to make that happen. This needs to be more than a onetime introduction such as a youth field day or hunting seminar, we need to get these folks out multiple times. I guess the old saying : Actions speak louder than words , would be a good example of that approach for us to take. Wither it is a youth, coworker, old friend or even a senior that has no one to lend a hand getting around we need to get them outdoors! This is so much more than helping our hunting heritage, it will also amaze you with the feelings in your heart when you see the smiles on their faces as you share your knowledge afield. This is being focused on by many outdoor organizations and you will hear it referred to as R3 (Recruitment , Retention and Reactivation )

We need to join forces with these other likeminded groups going forward to help change the current direction of our hunting heritage. If you have the chance to mentor another person interested in the outdoors please step up or reach out to these groups to help you get these folks afield this fall.
Have a safe and memorable season afield.

Share your Passion

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Heath A Nace